Choosing a veil for your vintage wedding dress.

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Dear Reader,

I am always on the look-out for lovely accessories for my clients, and recently I've been thinking about veils.
The right veil can add so much to a beautiful vintage wedding dress. Just think of the wonderful images of Kate Moss in her Juliet cap veil. And of course, the iconic Grace Kelly...
I rarely find vintage-style veils that work so beautifully, so I have been thinking for some time of designing my own range of Heavenly veil. I'm delighted to have found a veil-maker whose work is amazing quality - and have seized the opportunity to work with her!
We're very busy designing a small exclusive range, launching in just a few weeks. The first is inspired by cloche or cap veils from the 1930s which were worn low on the forehead. These are often called Juliet caps - based on Shakespeare's play Romeo & Juliet, as the original drawings showed Juliet wearing a neat, fitted cap. 
Our updated version will be worn slightly further back, for a softer more flattering look - like the gorgeous style worn by Kate Moss.
Our Heavenly veils have a special style of lace embroidery called Cornelli and are all made by hand. (Even the delicate silk rose trims are hand-made!) I'll be launching the first two styles in a few weeks with a photo-shoot to show them off. But for now I can't resist sharing a glimpse of how pretty they are...
So keep watching this space - I want you to be the first to see them please!
Heavenly Vintage Brides

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