1940s–style wedding dress 'Bette', worn by vintage bride Caroline.

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Dear Reader,
Today's gorgeous vintage bride is Caroline, who married Andy in a wonderful country wedding last August.

Caroline chose my 1940s–inspired Bette dress from the Heavenly Collection: a chic choice for a very stylish lady.

All of Caroline's family contributed to a wonderful day. Even Caroline's beautiful vintage shoes had originally belonged to her glamorous grandmother...

And the adorable bridesmaids' dresses, in Liberty print fabric, were made by her talented mother (with help from a friend too)...

Even the vintage wedding car – an elegantly appropriate 1940s sky blue Citroen – was driven by a friend from his uncle's collection of vintage motors...

And of course Dad always has a very special role on the day…!

Caroline and Andy continued their vintage theme even to their first dance: 1935's romantic 'Dancing Cheek to Cheek' (this time in a wonderful 1950s version by Louis Armstrong and Ella Fitzgerald). 

The happy couple performed brilliantly. And as you can see, this is a dress you can REALLY dance in!

Caroline looks absolutely beautiful in her elegant vintage–styled outfit, as all her friends' noted. In Caroline's own words,
"Thank you so much for being such a warm and wonderful place to come and find the perfect wedding dress! We had such a wonderful day and literally everyone loved the dress! I'm now wondering whether I can wear it to other events!"
We say it looks too good NOT to wear it again! 
Caroline, thanks for sharing (and thanks to Sarah Farnsworth for the great photos). It's warming us up just looking at your lovely summer wedding.
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